Bespoke Sliding Windows

Shamrock Joinery offers a large selection of timber sliding window frames. Our frames are sturdy, beautiful and fully functional, adding to the atmosphere in any space.

Sliding Track Styles

With our custom sliding window styles, you can select bottom rolling or top hung windows. The track design will be influenced by the design and functionality you need as well as the mounting style you’ve chosen for your space.

Both bottom rolling and top hung window tracks have a similar sliding functionality which allows for a selection of specific track styles and fly screen options. As part of your window installation we can provide sliding or retractable fly screens, ensuring that you can create whatever space you desire.

Sliding windows are a beautiful feature piece in your home or business. We can help you make the most of the outside light and the cool breeze around your property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to clean sliding window tracks?

Yes, occasionally. Sometimes the window tracks can get filled with dirt and dust. When this happens, it can impact the sliding motion of the windows. Clean the tracks with a quick vacuum and they should operate as normal again. If the dirt is stuck inside and will not vacuum out, use a damp rag with a non-abrasive cleaner to scrub it.


Should I get sliding windows or double hung windows?

This depends on your space requirements. If you have a large space available, sliding windows are a great option for optimising the space and getting the full benefits of light and airflow. Double hung windows are ideal if you only want a smaller window space—or if you have more room for a tall vertical window rather than a horizontal window.


Are sliding windows well insulated?

If you want the best insulation with a sliding window, choose a glass with thermal glazing. The right glaze will help reduce heat loss and heat gain through the closed windows.