Bespoke Bifold Windows

Our bi-fold windows allow you to bring the outside elements into your kitchen without obstructing the view. This also acts as a servery to an outdoor entertaining area and can be designed to accommodate an integrated insect screen.
We use high quality Brio top hung systems, ranges vary depending on the application of each unit. A great option for
utilising maximum space for any opening in your home.

We build our bifold windows with your property in mind. Our windows can be designed to fit any wall space, whether small or large. Since a bifold window does not require space on either side to open smoothly, we can install bifold windows even in tighter spaces.
Bifold windows tend to work best in larger spaces with an open view, a high amount of natural light, or an immediate outdoor patio space outside the room.

Opening Your Space

With a bifold window setup, any space feels larger. When opened, the window frame is almost completely opened to the outside with no overlapping glass panes. This design makes it easier to use bifold windows to connect spaces, such as a kitchen and an eating area.

For externally faced windows, flyscreens can be fitted into the frames to allow light and air to enter without inviting in pests. Some flyscreen designs are removable, giving you a choice between aesthetics and practicality for each occasion.

Often, bifold window designs are used as servery windows from the kitchen to the living room, patio, dining room or otherwise. These can be internal or external windows. Having the option to open or close the window at will allows you the freedom to immediately impact the atmosphere of the room.
Kitchen — Joinery in Central Coast NSW
Bi-Fold Windows — Joinery in Central Coast NSW

Brio Top Hung

Our bifold windows hang securely from the rolling hinges on the top window tracks. Using high-quality Brio hanging systems, we create a reliable, sturdy window that will work seamlessly from day one.
Hanging our windows from the top makes them work more efficiently. Top hung windows do better over time as they’re working with gravity rather than against it. The hinges tend to stay cleaner, and the system is easier to clean and manage overall. For these and other reasons, we prefer to use top hung bifold windows for every installation.
If your goal is to maximise the space in a specific room and open up your house or business more, bifold windows are a useful design element to consider.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do bifold windows work?

Bifold windows slide open on tracks. They can have one set of sliding window panels that extend the length of the frame, or two sets that meet in the middle when closed. Each set of panels fold together when opened, overlapping away from the frame.


What size can bifold windows be?

Bifold windows can be small or large. You can fit them to any space. With the right design, it’s possible to make bifold windows that extend from the floor to the ceiling. Most people tend to opt for a smaller size similar to an average home window in height and extending further on either side.


Are bifold windows energy efficient?

The short answer is yes, they are. When bifold windows are made well and fitted properly to a space, they operate as a solid barrier between the interior and exterior spaces. The timber used in our window frames is a better insulator than aluminium, steel or concrete. With the right glass selection, bifold windows are highly energy efficient.

As another benefit, bifold windows also allow more natural light into a room. That may help you cut down the use of electrical lighting inside, reducing your energy bill.