Timber Sashless Window Features

Shamrock Joinery manufactures sashless windows, working alongside Aneeta to produce beautiful products that suit your specific size, style and design requirements.

Uninterrupted Views

For maximum visibility out of your window, Aneeta Sashless windows are a smart investment. These windows have no visible frame around the edges of each glass sash, allowing you to more easily peer through the window without being interrupted by timber frames.
If you have an open view from your building, a sashless window is an ideal way to frame it. Enjoy the scenery daily from the comfort of your living room, kitchen or office.
Aneeta Sashless — Windows & Doors in Central Coast, NSW

Non-Traditional Design

Our Aneeta Sashless windows are a specific type of double hung windows. Unlike a traditional double hung window or sliding windows, sashless windows use counterbalanced glass to create their wide-open appearance without sacrificing mobility. You can get full airflow and flyscreen protection.
Despite their fixed appearance, sashless windows are fully mobile. Open the bottom or top sashes to let in the air and the light to your liking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a sashless window the same as a Shugg window?

Not exactly. While sashless window mimics the double hung style as a taller vertical window, Shugg windows are more closely related to sliding windows, opening horizontally.



How can I make a sashless window more energy efficient?

Certain types of glazes on the glass may help with efficiency. Sashless windows have a minimum requirement of 6mm thick glass, which is thicker than the average window already. Thicker glass tends to be more insulating overall.


Do sashless windows have a frame?

Although there is no visible frame between each glass panel, there are small frames on the sides of the glass that slide in the tracks. Limiting the design to these two frames makes it work well without losing the seamless glass appearance.