Timber Entry Doors

Your entry door is part of the first impression you present. Make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. Shamrock Joinery manufactures entry doors of all kinds to suit your style preferences and the requirements of the building itself.

Entry Door Designs

We can design entry doors in a variety of styles. Choose the type of timber from our range of options, the size of the door, and the particular design features. Doors can be created with or without glass windows, based on your requirements.
Doors of different shapes, sizes and styles are appropriate in different scenarios. A heritage home will not use the same style of entry doors as a modern office building. Both should have doors explicitly designed for the building itself, to match and complement the existing décor.
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Finishing Details

We believe in providing quality, which is why finishing is an important detail. If you’re going with a natural finish, we can coat the doors with a water repellent finish that allows them to remain outside up to 4 weeks within getting damaged by moisture. Let us know if you plan to have the doors painted, and we will cover them with an undercoat of base primer.
Along with the finish on the wood, we also offer hinges and framing components. Upon request, we will hinge each door, so it’s ready for installation upon delivery. We can also supply the required frame for installation directly into new construction or renovation.

There are several choices you can make for glass used in entry doors. Choose the type and thickness of the glass, decide if you want a frosted glass or not, and blend everything in one complementary design. Check out the glass options we offer here: http://www.australianglassgroup.com.au/

Red Entry Door — Windows & Doors in Central Coast, NSW
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Wooden Entry Door — Windows & Doors in Central Coast, NSW
Wooden Entry Door — Windows & Doors in Central Coast, NSW
Wood and Glass Entry Door — Windows & Doors in Central Coast, NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best material for a front door?

This depends on what you need. Wood is one of the most beautiful options, and it’s also significantly better at insulation than aluminium. Fibreglass doors are low maintenance, but they don’t last as long as wood, nor do they look as attractive. Metal doors tend to be the safest kinds of doors, as they are difficult to break down. But a good hardwood door is also quite safe.


How long do wood doors last?

A solid wood door is bound to last for decades. If you get a hollow wood door instead, it’s likely to last for a much shorter time.


What kinds of wood can I use to make an entry door?

Nearly any type of timber can be used to make an entry door. However, each timber offers its own style and longevity. We give you the option for doors made from Blackbutt, Jarrah, Spotted Gum, Grey Ironbark, Merbau, New Guinea Rosewood, or Western red cedar.