Custom Window Louvres

For a distinctive look, louvre windows are a practical option with a stunning, modern aesthetic. With a louvre window design, you can fully harness the natural light and breeze coming into your space.

Breezway Glass Louvres

Our timber frames are an excellent match for Breezway Altair louvres. We work in conjunction with Breezway for seamless manufacturing with beautiful results.

Along with standard glass louvre pieces, we are also certified to fit and supply power louvres from Breezway. These are specialty louvres that are connected to a remote control for electric opening, closing and adjustments. Breezway louvres also offer a stronghold feature, keeping the glass panels in place more securely to prevent falls.

You can learn more about the Breezway features and product range here:

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Louvre windows provide the considerable benefit of permitting light and air to enter a room while simultaneously blocking direct sunshine and rain. Even while opened, louvre windows are well designed to resist moisture and prevent it from entering your home or business.

Because of their adjustable design, you can control how much light and air you want at any given time. During the hottest part of the day, you may choose to open the louvres wider while narrowing the gaps during rainstorms or colder days.
Shamrock Joinery works to manufacture louvre windows that both look good and function practically. Our designs are a good fit in many offices or homes looking to incorporate a modern, functional aesthetic window design.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are louvre windows made from glass?

Not always. Louvre windows are often made from glass to take full advantage of natural lighting, but they can also be made from wood, steel, aluminium or other materials. We prefer to use glass louvres for the practical reason of allowing proper amounts of light to enter the room.


What is a Jalousie window?

A Jalousie window is another name for a louvre window. They are sometimes referred to as Jalousie windows, but it is the same design as our louvre windows.


Are louvre windows energy efficient?

Unfortunately, louvre windows are not very efficient in terms of air leakage. Because of the difficulty in fully closing them, they are hard to insulate properly, resulting in more heat loss or gain depending on the season.