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Quality Casement Windows

The team at Shamrock Joinery crafts casement windows that are well-suited for homes or businesses. A beautiful casement window design is both practical and attractive in any setting.

Redirecting Airflow

A benefit enjoyed by many casement window owners is the ability to redirect air into the window opening. Casement window sashes can be opened outward to a 90-degree angle, capturing the breeze blowing in any direction and tunnelling it inside. As the sash opens, it also moves closer to the centre of the frame, allowing air to flow in from all sides.

Casement windows open with a crank system and stay put using a casement lock, called a pivot stay. This system helps the windows remain at the exact angle to which you opened them, even in heavy winds or inclement weather conditions. The pivot stays have a sturdy hold that doesn’t release until the crank is wound in the opposite direction to close the window.

While open, casement window sashes are easier to clean than sliding or double hung windows. You don’t have to remove the sashes, as long as you can access them from the outside.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do casement windows work?

Casement windows generally have hinges on sides of the frame. Depending on which way they open (usually outwardly), the hinges will be located either outside or inside the room. Using a simple mechanism that’s attached to the sashes, you can open and close the window to a precise angle and hold it in place with a pivot stay lock.


Are casement windows better than double hung?

It depends on what you normally do with your windows. Casement windows take a little longer to open than sliding windows, but they can be closed more tightly and remain in place more securely. With a casement window, you’re likely to get great airflow inside, even if the breeze isn’t blowing directly into the windows.

Sliding windows often have a nearly seamless view that lets in more natural light, and they are quicker to open or close as you wish.


Which is more energy efficient: sliding windows or casement windows?

Casement windows are more energy efficient than sliding windows. They have more timber around the sashes and frames (timber is a fantastic insulating material) and they tend to seal closed more tightly because they don’t have any sliding tracks.