Custom Internal doors

The doors inside your home or business are equally as important as those used externally. They should be as beautiful as they are functional since you will be using them daily.

Matching Styles

We can match your new internal doors to existing doors around the building, or other wood elements. Our goal is to present you with a set of internal doors that matches your architecture and looks thoughtfully put together.

Select your choice of timber and decide whether or not to include glass in the door designs. You can view our available options for door glass here:

White Sliding Door For Bathroom — Joinery in Central Coast NSW
Large Timber Style Double Door — Joinery in Central Coast NSW

Designs & Finishing

Fine details and finishing are vital to producing a result that you find satisfactory. We work hard to present beautifully designed pieces that feature your choice of finishing details, including hinges or hardware. We can also prep the doors for paint or stain by coating them in either a temporary weather-resistant clear coating or white oil-based primer.
All finishing details are optional based on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do doors come in different sizes?

Yes. Although there is a standard range for door sizes, doors can be made to fit any space. You can choose to get a standard sized door or manufacture a custom sized door.


Should I replace all my doors at once?

This is up to you. As long as the doors are still functioning, you may not need to replace them all at the same time unless you’re looking to refresh the aesthetics of your entire building.


How long do doors last?

Cared for properly, a solid wood door will last a lifetime. Hollow wooden doors do not have the same lifespan, though internal doors tend to outlast external doors.