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Timber Sliding Doors

For ease of use and attractive design options, sliding doors are a great choice for both internal and external use. They can be appropriately designed for use in buildings of all ages and architectural styles. We will work with you to manufacture a product which blends well with your existing design while making a statement on its own.

Sliding Door Styles

Sliding doors can be made to slide horizontally over another door, an external wall, or into a wall cavity. Overlapping doors tend to bring in more natural light. In contrast, sliding doors that go over or into a solid wall have a sleek appearance that allows you to open up the entire doorway fully.
Depending on the style you want, the sliding door can be made with a sliding track or can be top hung. Single sliding doors are available, with one permanently fixed door and one sliding door.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can any type of door be turned into a sliding door?

Most wooden door styles can be converted from hinged doors into sliding doors. Top hung slides are a versatile method of hanging a door, allowing you to hang nearly any kind of wood door. Heavy doors may not work as well as sliding doors, but the overall style and shape of the door does not matter when deciding on a regular hinge or sliding door.


Are sliding doors safe?

It depends on the circumstances. They are not as effective at delaying burglars, but sliding doors may be safer in the event of a fire. Door handles heat up during a fire, and the wood may expand to make it difficult for you to open the door. Sliding doors don’t have handles, and they slide open on a fitted track that will not be affected by expansion of the wood.


How much wall space is needed for a sliding door?

For any type of sliding door, you need double the usual door space for the installation. If the average door is around 800mm wide, you would need a minimum of 1600mm for a sliding door. Measure twice the width of the desired door size to know if you have enough space or not.