Timber French Doors

French doors add a touch of elegance anywhere. We manufacture French doors specifically for your space, ensuring they complement the existing architectural elements while enhancing the overall design of the structure.

French Door Styles

There are three main styles of French doors:

  • Contemporary
  • Colonial
  • Federation
Contemporary styles are any French doors with modern styling elements built in. They do not have the traditional look or design of a French door, though the functionality remains the same.
Colonial French doors are the classic style of French doors. These are made primarily of glass panels framed by painted timber. The timber on the bottom and top of the door is similarly sized, and larger than that on the sides of each door. The main design feature is the glass in the middle, with each panel individually framed with wood.
Federation French doors tend to have more focus on the wood designs and less focus on the glass. They may have larger wooden panels on the bottom of the door, sometimes with ornate designs. The glass panels may also be framed by creatively shaped wooden bars, rather than the symmetric frames on Colonial doors.
French Doors — Joinery in Central Coast NSW
French Doors — Joinery in Central Coast NSW
White door and curtain — Joinery in Central Coast NSW

Internal or External Doors

Because of the versatility of the French door, it’s useful both internally and externally. Seal off the living room, dining room or meeting room with an exquisite set of wood-framed glass French doors. Or, give visitors a great first impression upon entering the front or back doors of the building.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of timber do you have?

We have the following timber varieties: 

  • Blackbutt
  • Spotted Gum
  • Grey Ironbark
  • Merbau
  • New Guinea Rosewood
  • Jarrah
  • Western Red Cedar


What’s the difference between French doors and double doors?

French doors are typically a set of two doors that open outwards and close together in the middle of the frame. There is no divider between the two doors, and the hinges are located on the sides of each door. French doors always include glass.

Double doors come in a variety of styles and shapes but are often solid wood with smaller glass elements. With double doors, the opening mechanism and overall design can vary, and the size of the doors is typically larger than the average French doors.


Are French doors energy efficient?

The answer varies depending on the materials used to make the doors. Better quality hardwoods have better insulation properties than softwoods, improving the efficiency of the doors. However, the glass is usually the largest determining factor of the energy rating for any door. For optimal efficiency, French doors can be made with low-e glass.