Unique Pivot Hinge Doors

Pivot timber doors are best suited to effortlessly handle extra weight for a taller and wider entrance door. Pivot doors can be free swinging or have the option of hold open and self-closing functionalities. Shamrock Joinery offers several options of floor spring pivots, to suit the size, weight, and function of the pivoting door.

Heavyweight Doors

Because of the unique hinge style of a pivot door, it’s an ideal choice for weighty doors. If you have an entrance that’s taller or wider than usual, a pivot door can handle the extra weight needed for that space.
Pivot doors are lighter on their hinges than traditional doors. Rather than suspending the weight of the door by the frame on a few metal hinges, a pivot hinge setup allows the work to be shared between two points without putting too much stress on either of them.
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Finishing Options

We offer a range of choices for the floor spring pivots to accommodate your specific needs. Working with Shamrock Joinery means you can ensure you get a door that works flawlessly, looks stunning and complements your existing building style well.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do pivot hinges work?

Pivot hinges change the way a door opens. Instead of hanging off of two or three metal hinges on one side of the door, a pivot hinge is located closer to the middle of the door. By installing the hinge on the top and bottom of the door and locating it nearer to the centre of the door, you can offset the heavy weight of a larger hardwood door. You can choose to have the door be free swinging or self-closing.


Where can I install a pivot door?

Install a pivot hinge door on any doorway with a uniquely large or heavy door. In theory, you could install a pivot door anywhere in you building. However, they’re very useful practically in situations involving heavy wooden doors.


Can you have a pivot front door?

Yes. Any door can be fitted with pivoting hinges.